Michael Kuczkowski
January 12, 2019
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A few simple things you can do to hire the BEST freelancers

Are you new to hiring freelancers? Whether you’re doing it for the first time or have previous experience, these tips will help you find ones that are PERFECT for your position.

Start searching early. If you think you need freelance help, don’t wait to start doing research and checking out candidates. Visit right away. While some freelancers want to be hired immediately, others will be willing to wait to start work. It will give you more time to find the ideal candidate.

Think of hiring freelancers as similar to online dating. There is a large pool of potential candidates. Only a few could be right for you. And it’s likely there’s only one perfect match for each position. You owe it to yourself to review profiles, create a short list and conduct interviews to find it.

Don’t let ratings and reviews be your ultimate guide. You never want to hire the best reviewed freelancer. You want the one best qualified to handle your project or do your work who is also well-reviewed.

Don’t review applications one at a time. Look them over in groups. It allows you to compare and contrast candidates to help you see what makes them different.

Get personal. You absolutely must review education background, work history, licenses, ratings and professional reviews to find the best candidates to fill your positions. You should also check into softer things like personality, communication skills, work ethic and the ability to take direction and handle feedback. Understanding these things will help your decide whether someone is not just a solid professional fit, but also a good cultural one.

Research pay rates. Find out how much others are paying for comparable talent in your area. It will help you budget for your job and feel more confident knowing you’re paying fair rates for the people you hire.

Decide whether you want to pay by the job or the project. 

Paying by the hour is usually a better option if you you need someone for a longer period of time to handle ongoing tasks or duties. 

Paying by the project is generally more efficient if you want to get something done quickly at the best cost.

Confirm knowledge and experience. Check that candidates actually have the technical background you require. Insert questions into your applications and interviews that confirm they can do the job.

Contact your shortlist. Send everyone on it the same message, including a few identical questions. See how each responds to it. It will help identify differences among your top prospects.

Follow-up with your runners-up. Once you’ve hired someone, let the other finalists know you’ve selected someone else. Always thank them for their interest in the position and in your business. You never know when you may need them in the future. A simple thank you sets a solid foundation for possible future relationships.


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