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Our story tells like so many others – a journey, a problem and a solution. Grab a coffee, sit back and settle in.

Years before HealthFreelance began, I was president of a national corporation and faced a problem: We wanted to double our profit projections for the year, but to achieve that goal, we needed to add 100 new employees to 3 locations across the country.

And we needed to do it within 6 weeks.

Using traditional hiring methods, we worked around the clock to find the best healthcare professionals in the country, often paying 2-3 times the industry rate to hire them. It was one of the most challenging times of my career.

It showed me a critical issue in the healthcare industry.

The hiring process in healthcare is complex, time-consuming, and expensive.

Simply put, there was no system for hiring creative, valuable professionals to immediately fill positions. Every hiring decision must be made the old-fashioned way.

As both a hiring manager and a contractor, I saw the problems within the healthcare industry.

Every time we needed to hire someone – even for temporary or short-term assignments – we would create a job description, bring in applicants, review resumes, hold several rounds of interviews, etc – it was a long and onerous process.

As a consultant – there was no system for independently growing my client list. The process was much the same: search job sites, submit a resume, attend several rounds of interviews, ad nauseam.

I desperately needed a system that was simple, streamlined, and still ensured I found high-value professionals.

It was in that moment that HealthFreelance was born.

HealthFreelance answers a simple question: How can we transform the hiring process for both professionals and corporations in the healthcare industry?

The answer is equally simple: Design a place where they can meet.

HealthFreelance is an online hiring platform for freelance healthcare professionals and businesses. We serve medical offices, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, research institutions, and corporations, all seeking to make fast, affordable, high-value hires. In short, we partner great healthcare experts with the companies who need them most.

We have designed a system that reduces the time and expense of hiring new personnel. No more cumbersome job sites, no more expensive recruiting firms.

Just a place where anyone with a healthcare background can put their skills online, build a profile, and offer their services remotely or on-site at a price that they set.

When it comes to healthcare, time is critical.

For a healthcare business, this means the lengthy talent acquisition process can be done in a few easy steps – you can hire someone within minutes instead of weeks.

For independent contractors, this means you can quickly scale your network with access to hundreds of corporations across the country.

As healthcare professionals ourselves, we understand the needs of all types of healthcare businesses and healthcare consultants.

We know how hard you work every day to provide exceptional service to people in need. Our mission is to make your mission a little bit easier.

So let’s get smarter, faster, and more cost-effective about hiring workers in healthcare. Let’s work together and create a better way to make this world healthier.

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