Freelancer FAQs


What is HealthFreelance?

HealthFreelance is an online place for businesses to hire healthcare freelancers.  From physicians to pharmacy benefit managers, remote, local or international, HealthFreelance provides an online platform for healthcare businesses to quickly, and easily hire expert professionals in their field of expertise.

What can I use HealthFreelance for?

As a Freelancer create a profile highlighting your unique skill set and use it to place competitive bids local, remote or international.  Use your time as you see fit and create your own flexible schedule with one or many clients. Place a bid on work that fits your needs and interest.  Bidding is easy and free, take down your bid at any time with no obligation. Client payments are made on the HealthFreelance platform, ensuring that you get paid regularly and on-time, directly into your preferred bank account. Never have to worry about face-to-face negotiating again, use HealthFreelance for secure messaging, automatic invoicing, and archived contracts.

Can I communicate with a Client before I begin working?

Yes.  The HealthFreelance platform provides a secure online environment to chat with prospective clients online and exchange files.  

Can I use HealthFreelance to connect with patients or caregivers?

No.  At this time, HealthFreelance is only intended for registered and licensed healthcare businesses to hire and connect with freelancers.


Invoicing, Payment and Fees

Are there fees to bid on a job or project?

No, at this time it is free for unlimited bids.

How do I log time and activities?

Freelancers are engaged by Clients with an hourly, fixed-price, or per visit contract.  You log your activity via the method that’s most suited to the project; time, milestone or visit, on HealthFreelance’s secure platform.  As a Freelancer, your logged time is visible by the Clients, making review and approval of invoices quick, easy and timely. With our automatic approval system and secure payment verification process, you always get paid hassle-free and on-time!  

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How often are invoices sent?

Invoice submission on hourly contracts is automatic and sent weekly.  

Fixed-price project invoices are sent at the end of project completion or as needed up to five (5) pre-set milestones.

How do I get paid?

Secure payment is made to your preferred debit card, or banking account.  Account ownership is verified upon set-up with two-factor authentication.

Is the payment processing secure?

Yes, HealthFreelance utilizes Stripe to connect and transfer payment information securely.  No account information is stored locally. Stripe handles payment processing transactions for the world’s largest companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, Facebook, National Geographic, Nasdaq, Kickstarter, Lyft and more, with millions of transactions annually in over 120 countries.

Does HealthFreelance charge a fee?

HealthFreelance charges a modest, flat 10% processing fee.  Fees aren’t on a sliding scale, ensuring that they always stay low.

How does HealthFreelance’s fees compare to others?

Recruitment agencies typically charge 2-3 times the hourly rate of freelancers.  That means they make a lot of money off of your hardwork and education! Plus, since all users get Payment Protection when working on the HealthFreelance platform, Freelancers offering services on the HealthFreelance platform are significantly more attractive to hire than those hired through recruiting agencies or independently.



Finding Work

How do I begin a contract?

Once your bid is accepted by the Client, contracts are automatically initiated and kept on file.  All documents, including a copy of each unique Contract and invoices are accessible via your secure Freelancer log-in.

Can I end a contract?

Yes.  If your availability has changed and you’re unable to continue in a contract, simply contact your Client and end the contract in the shared workspace.  

What if I have a disagreement with my client?

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to resolving disagreements with your client.  Many disagreements can be resolved by amicably talking it over with your client. HealthFreelance encourages you to use the secure messaging and communication platform to keep a record of your conversations.  

In cases where an issue cannot be resolved, HealthFreelance provides secure Payment Protection for freelancers, ensuring that you get paid for work completed.  

For more information on dispute resolution, click here.

Can I check the information the Client provides in their profile?

HealthFreelance completes a preliminary evaluation of all users on the site.  Although we cannot investigate all the details of each user, we do encourage Freelancers to complete their own due diligence including communicating directly with the Client before beginning to work.

To report concerns (or best practices!) found in a user profile, please Contact Us.

What if I can’t find work in my area?

We’re expanding into new areas all the time!  If you’re interested in freelancing but can’t find work, please contact us to let us know.  

What is the rating system?

The HealthFreelance rating system provides a mechanism that helps Freelancers find the best Clients with projects that are the best fit for you.  All users have the opportunity to be rated by each other at the end of a contract. The rating system encourages feedback on instruction and communication provided by the Client, along with an opportunity to provide constructive criticism.  



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