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An open market to hire healthcare freelancers

Why would I use HealthFreelance?

Use HealthFreelance if you’re part of a healthcare business with hiring needs. Easily and quickly find a range of talented freelancers.

Find ANY type of front-line or behind the scenes healthcare professional.

Hire local or remote talent for up to:

- 3 times less than recruitment firms

- Half the search time

- No long-term commitment

From medical professionals and HIT specialists, to customer support, researchers, data analysts, healthcare executives and more.

Post a Project

Post Projects

Post unlimited projects for free. Speak with qualified candidates.

Browse Candidates

Find experience in hundreds of healthcare segments.

Payment Protection Guarantee

Securely pay. No need for end-of-year 1099 tax forms.

Getting Started

Step 1

Create a profile and post work to be done in less than 5 minutes.
Tell us about the work and the specific skills required.

Step 2

Browse likely candidates.
Search the site for freelancers, or wait for the freelancers to submit proposals to you.

Step 3

Hire the best candidate.
View finalists’ resume, CV, work history, certifications, licenses, 5-star rating, and more.

Step 4

Pay securely on the HealthFreelance platform.
With Payment Protection, only pay for work you authorize. Access all contracts, invoices and history immediately.

High quality work for better prices and no long-term commitment

HealthFreelance analyzes your needs and suggests matches based on unique parameters.

Use the secure payment platform to only pay for work done.

Never pay to scout for candidates or to post a job

How do I hire on HealthFreelance? How do I pay my freelancer and how does HealthFreelance get paid?

Securely hire to work smarter, more effectively.

Control your hiring timeframe by inviting preferred candidates to the job.

Speak and share files by using a secure online workspace to send and receive files, send messages, see invoices in real-time, and share feedback.

Contracts are easy to start and easier to pause, end, and complete.

Can I get an official invoice? Do I have to file tax forms for my freelancer?

Why would I use HealthFreelance?

HealthFreelance is a platform that helps independent freelancers do work for healthcare businesses.

Sign-in to find work for any kind of healthcare or medical background.

Use the power of HealthFreelance to add income and work a schedule within your control.

Create a profile to freelance if you’re a:

- IT professional (e.g. HIT, EMR developer, data analyst, programmer, etc)

- Medical professional (e.g. nurse, physician, dentist, technician, pharmacist, chiropractor, OT, PT, many more)

- Administrative or customer support specialist

- Pharmaceutical manufacturer consultant

- Contracting or PBM network specialist

- Healthcare executive or experienced solo consultant

Create a Profile

Browse Projects

Post unlimited projects for free. Speak with qualified candidates.

Bid on Work

Find experience in hundreds of healthcare segments.

Get Paid

Securely pay. No need for end-of-year 1099 tax forms.

Getting Started

Step 1

Create a profile in under 5 minutes.
Tell us about your unique talents, certifications, training, and experience.

Step 2

Easily bid on work.
Find lucrative projects most suitable for your schedule.

Step 3

Obtain clients quickly.
Chat with potential clients on the secure messaging platform and seamlessly share files.

Step 4

Get paid regularly and on time.
With our Payment Protection, you get paid on a regular basis for the work you do, without the hassle of invoicing and record-keeping.

Local and remote healthcare opportunities in one place

Never worry about searching online job postings again. Find clients and get hired quickly by bidding on projects (for free!) that fit your schedule and interests.

Find local and remote work that suits your unique strengths and skills Safely and confidently create your own business venture by freelancing on

How often do I get paid through HealthFreelance? How are invoices sent?

High paying clients and low transaction fees

Get paid competitive rates for the work you complete with a low, flat 10% transparent service fee based on earnings. No sliding scale fees.

Never pay to post a profile and no cost to bid on as many projects as you’d like.

Referral bonus program - We know that good freelancers are too busy to complete all the work that comes their way. Increase your earnings by getting discounts on fees when you refer a colleague to a project or help someone join.

How much of a discount do I get with the bonus program?

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