Michael Kuczkowski
January 12, 2019
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How to solve the employment crisis in the healthcare industry

With unemployment rates at historic lows, employers across the United States find it almost impossible to hire workers.

The issue is more extreme in certain types of businesses, most notably health care and the related social assistance industries. The following chart, based on data released recently from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, compares job open rates (in gray) with job hire rates (in blue) in a wide range of industries.

According to the data, almost six percent of jobs in the health care and social assistance sector went unfilled in September 2018. It’s the second highest level of any industry, after the leisure and hospitality category, which typically has high turnover rates.

At the same time, the hiring rate was extremely low (almost half the available health care jobs went unfilled) when compared with other fields. The only other one with a similar relative rate was finance and insurance.

Many factors contribute to why healthcare companies have so many open positions they’re not able to fill, including things like regional talent availability and skills and training gaps.

Another key factor: Much like financial services, healthcare has been slow to adopt new, high tech methods to find and hire permanent and temporary employees.

Other highly specialized fields that depend on skilled workers, including professional and business services, education, information technology and construction, have leveraged online platforms that directly connect workers with businesses that need to hire them. This has contributed to lowering the gap between employer demand and finding qualified people to fill positions.

These services work like many other online technologies by using information about employers and employees, ratings and reviews and other back-end data to match people or businesses with specific hiring needs to people who can fill positions.

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