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  • Candace C.


    12 years experience 0 projects worked $50.00/hr Remote

    ▪▪ 12+ years in the life science sector, including experience writing and editing biomedical research manuscripts, patent applications, abstracts, posters, technology summaries, online articles and a textbook chapter

    ▪▪ Experience communicating complex scientific concepts in writing and verbally to a variety of stakeholders, including researchers, clinicians, legal counsel, salespersons and laypersons

    ▪▪ Skilled in analyzing and communicating complex biomedical data in written, graphical and oral formats

    ▪▪ Detail oriented with excellent written communication skills and strong interpersonal abilities

  • Michael B.

    0 years experience 0 projects worked 48118
  • John F.

    Medical Consultant

    10 years experience 0 projects worked


    • As a medical director, I honed my project management skills by designing & developing a pain medicine department. The revenue generated from the program paid for the development cost in a year & maintained a positive fiscal cash flow.
    • As a medical director, I engaged & led a team of physicians, nurses, physical/ occupational therapists, and psychologists in developing a paradigm of diagnostic/ treatment protocols based on outcome studies.
    • As founder & CEO of Flores Medical, I created marketing strategy to stimulate new patient engagements and with streamlined customer service, the patient membership increased 60% that year.


    • Including my time in graduate school, I have over 25 years of research experience with the latter years monitoring clinical study trials as a principal investigator and advising on study design as a medical consultant for small pharma companies.
    • My conception & development of a topical formulation of butamben/ketamine to treat joint & neuropathic pain advanced my knowledge in the drug development process.
    • I am knowledgeable in drug development research, study design, and preclinical drug development.
    •      I have experience with the patent & IND development process.
    •      I have training & knowledge in ICH/ GCP guidelines.
    •      I have served on hospital IRB board committees.


    • I have expertise with multi-media educational formats. My clinic commissioned me to design & develop a health information website targeted toward patient & professional interests.
    • I have an excellent understanding and ability to analyze scientific literature. I am an expert in translating complex medical topics into relatable & understandable educational formats for use in social, broadcast, and written media. I have experience with scientific publication as first author.
    • Aetna, BCBS, & Cigna commissioned my services to conduct community scientific/ medical forums; I researched the literature to prepare educational brochures & slide deck presentations to target a nonprofessional audience.


    • As a medical director, I established a national network of professionals specializing in pain management to serve as medical experts for developing a patient treatment protocol.
    • As chairperson of the young physicians committee for a county medical society, I established a network of statewide thought leaders & medical professionals to address physician concerns over medical industry-specific bills submitted to the state legislation.
    • My negotiation & presentation skills benefited insurance sponsors, Aetna, BCBS, and Cigna by a 30% rise in new membership enrollment.
  • Derek G.


    4 years experience 0 projects worked $45.00/hr 06101

    Here are a few which you may have already seen from my resume. 
    My favorite work has been proprietary: For I updated continuing education pieces on Aminoglycosides and on Pharmacy Law. 
    As a student intern at Boehringer-Ingelheim I authored a draft piece on one of their key cardiovascular drugs.

  • Daniel P.


    13 years experience 0 projects worked $48.00/hr 02169

    ·        6+ years of experience in red blood cell and nanoparticle drug delivery in rodents and higher animal models, with 5+ years of experience of animal surgeries, as well as red blood cell toxicology.

    ·        4+ years of experience of radiation safety officer (Instruct lab member on potential health risks, effective use of protective devices, procedures required to minimize exposure to radioactive materials, maintain up to date license, ensure amendment of renewal request are submitted, ensure and maintain all equipment are properly calibrated so they are sensitive enough to detect low radiation and contamination levels, perform weekly surveys of radioactive area)

    ·     2+ years of experience of Clinical Research Lab Coordinator (Developed protocols/consent forms for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, designed studies and directed participants through studies, provided IRB annual progress report, notified IRB of ongoing developments in study)

    ·    7+ years of experience in purification and characterization of different agriculture plant proteases including the development of transfer zymography technique.

    ·   1+ years of experience of Education Research Program Coordinator (assisted in the implementation of an undergraduate education research program, administrative responsibilities that includes coordination of meetings of faculty mentor and graduate mentors, promote HHMI program to undergraduate students around campus, assist in development and finalization of interdisciplinary projects, organize graduate student and faculty mentor workshop, member of steering committee member in selection of students, helping prepare reports to granting foundation, and management of budgets)

    ·      10+ years of experience of mentoring undergraduate (17) and graduate student (2) in the lab, who have gone to medical, graduate, and veterinary schools

    ·        Establish track record of successful collaborative projects, strong teamwork and interpersonal skills

  • Amarallys C.

    Medical writer

    4 years experience 0 projects worked $95.00/hr Remote

    I am an experienced medical writer with a focus on medicine, research, and Pharma. I use valuable insights from my work as a neuroscientist to create concise, high-quality, evidence-based content for my clients. I have extensive experience writing and editing publications, protocols/CSRs and medical education materials.

    I have over 10 years of experience evaluating, organizing, and presenting complex information to diverse audiences. I specialize in taking complex technical content and simplifying it into relatable words for the average reader. Therapeutic areas: Oncology, hematology, neuroscience, and chronic diseases Affiliations: American Medical Writers Association

  • Lecia B.

    Scientist, Medical Writer/Editor

    7 years experience 0 projects worked $40.00/hr Remote

    Professional with extensive global experience in vaccines research and development, academia, government, pharmaceutical, and non-profit business sectors. Skilled in handling all aspects of scientific and clinical writing, project management, and clinical trial management with ability to communicate information to both technical and non-technical audiences.

  • Egle G.

    Molecular biologist/Medical writer

    10 years experience 0 projects worked $20.00/hr 02315

    I am molecular biologist with 10–year experience in Academic setting. First as Lab Technician at molecular biology lab, then as Associate Research Scientist and lecturer in Biology department of Vytautas Magnus university, Kaunas, Lithuania, I’ve developed a skill set directly relevant to the researcher and medical writer  position. 

    I have a lot of experience in abstract, grant, manuscript, lecture material and article writing.

    I have pure passion for science and I am interested in all subjects of Biomedical sciences. I can do research, literature overview and review articles. 

  • Karla S.

    Medical coder, CPC

    17 years experience 0 projects worked $19.00/hr Remote

    I am certified through AAPC for coding, CPC. I have been in the medical field for over 16 years. My knowledge through the years in Billing and coding range from working at an MRI facility, Internal Medicine physician, ASC facility and Military hospital. I am familiar with orthopedic, podiatry, hand inpatient and outpatient coding to include surgery and E/M as well as HCPCS.

  • Annie N.

    Medical Coder

    7 years experience 0 projects worked $26.00/hr Remote

    Emergency Medicine Coder- 7 years experience 



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