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To assign, deploy and track training, the LMS is the a critical tool for success. 

The LMS is a software program used by healthcare organizations for deployment, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training.  There are many different LMS vendors, and each LMS has its variation in functionality.

The LMS is used in healthcare organizations to deploy mandatory regulatory training encompassing fairly, straight forward assignments to employees. Epic training assignments entail many variables and complexities.  Typically, a student learning plan is created, which consists of multiple components – pre-requisite elearning, in-person classroom session(s), and a post-training exam or end user proficiency assessment. 

The LMS Administrators/Coordinators Team develop a project plan specific to LMS build and deployment timelines that support the Epic training project plan and milestones. Line items to consider for the LMS project plan are create learning plans, assign learning plans, identify rooms, identify registration milestones, identify student groups, communication plan and timeline, and reports provided when.

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